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Pluris Valuation Advisors Publishes FAS 157 Handbook

Pluris Valuation Advisors Publishes FAS 157 Handbook
February, 1 2008

Espen Robak
Pluris Valuation Advisors LLC

David P. Kowal, APR
Kowal Communications, Inc.


NEW YORK, N.Y., January 2, 2008 – Confused about the new “fair value” standards?

Pluris Valuation Advisors, Inc. has published the “FAS 157 Handbook” to help hedge fund managers and other financial professionals understand the new fair-value standards.

Written by Pluris President Espen Robak, CFA, the “FAS 157 Handbook” explains:
  • Potential mark-downs in asset value because of illiquidity
  • Why the often-used mark-to-model valuation standards are little better than reading tea leaves
  • Why auditors will be more reluctant to sign off on fair value measurements
  • Why it will be especially difficult to achieve the highest "fair value" standards (Level I) required by FAS 157

These are just some of the issues discussed in the handbook, which is available at the Pluris Web site at

“Regulators and investors are increasingly scrutinizing the methods that hedge fund managers and others are using to value assets,” Robak said. “They are especially wary of how illiquid assets are being valued, since there is great potential for overvaluing them. The FAS 157 Handbook can ensure financial professionals that they are not only meeting regulatory requirements, but are using best practices to value their assets.”

Pluris provides valuation of illiquid assets, such as restricted securities and stock options, for financial reporting, tax purposes, business transactions and litigation support.

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