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March, 28 2015
With the stock market trading near all-time highs and the economy chugging along, the credit crisis of 2008 is a fading memory for many investors—but not for those whose money…more
September, 3 2015
New 2704(b) Regulations – Return of Family Attribution? In an otherwise slow news season this summer, there’s been one theme that has caused excitement among estate planners: the prospect of…more
July, 8 2009
  The warrant valuations matter. First, if banks are on solid enough ground to pay back their bailout loans and take the final step of buying back the warrants, it…more
March, 31 2009
  Proposed revisions by the Financial Accounting Standards Board to the fair value accounting standard would ”gut” the current intent of the rule and allow banks and other financial firms…more
March, 30 2009
  FASB set to vote April 2 to help banks improve illiquid asset valuations WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- As bankers prepare to release their first-quarter results, they are looking to accounting…more
March, 24 2009
  Fixed-income firms and pension plans could be big buyers of bad bank assets under the latest Treasury program. And the worst stuff could be the first to go. NEW…more
February, 28 2009
  "PEIGG is not a standard setting body and the FASB does tell us what fair value is and those are the rules we follow. Guidelines are fine, and it's…more
February, 16 2009
  A knighted Texas billionaire tricked clients into pouring money into three of his companies with false promises of outsized returns, according to fraud charges filed Tuesday by the Securities and…more
January, 19 2009
  A nightmare for most other institutional portfolio managers has been a boon for BNY Mellon Beta Management. Mark Keleher, the Bank of New York Mellon Corp. unit's chief executive,…more
January, 8 2009
  Companies Struggle to Come to Terms With Writing Down Troubled Holdings "What's the price of a house?" asks Howard Marks, chairman of Oaktree Capital Management LP. The simple question, he…more
January, 1 2009
  Emerging-Markets Funds Tumble; 'Short' Managers Pull Off a 32% Gain Hedge funds are supposed to thrive in rough markets. Not in 2008. An historic decline in stocks, and troubles…more
December, 22 2008
  Hedge funds are bracing for the effects the current financial crisis will have on investor demands for further transparency. The brutal “one-two punch” in 4Q-08 of nearly 100 hedge…more
September, 7 2008
  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission missed a chance to protect investors from the collapse of the $330 billion auction-rate market by failing to police how banks sold the…more
September, 1 2008
  Popular Inc.'s deal to sell about $1.17 billion of subprime mortgage assets and servicing rights to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. would essentially complete the disposal of its U.S. consumer…more
August, 31 2008
  Historical cost accounting is fading as Corporate America marches into a new era. What is a company really worth? That is the central question that accounting attempts to answer,…more
August, 27 2008
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Recent U.S. accounting regulations have pushed for consistency in corporate reporting but some accounting firms are more aggressively interpreting the rules than others, likely leading to…more
August, 20 2008
  New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's auction-rate securities settlements with Wall Street banks show that the man who bills himself as the "people's lawyer'' favors savers over shareholders. The almost…more
July, 24 2008
  UBS Faces new Charges in New York, as Scrutiny of Wall Street's Role Intensifies The state of New York has joined a widening array of prosecutors and customers accusing…more
July, 24 2008
  WASHINGTON, July 25 (Reuters) - The secondary market for U.S. auction-rate securities did not miss a step this week despite the New York attorney general's demand that Swiss bank…more
July, 24 2008
July 25 (Bloomberg) -- UBS AG said it was "honest and ethical" in its marketing of auction-rate securities, according to the bank's reply to a lawsuit filed last month by…more

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