I’ve worked with Pluris on local estate and gift tax appraisal matters several times now, and I could not be happier with their service.
Victoria Kaempf
Lakin Spears, LLP


Dec, 10 2009
    Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co.  warrants held by the U.S. Treasury Department sold for $936.1 million, less than some traders predicted, closing out the federal bailout…more
Dec, 10 2009
   WASHINGTON ( Dow Jones) - If last week's auction of Capital One Financial Corp. (COF) warrants is any sign, the U.S. likely won't earn as much as expected as…more
Dec, 10 2009
  Last week’s first auction-style warrant sale was Capital One Financial (COF), which netted the Treasury (U.S. Taxpayers) $162.1 million, as a total of 12.7 million COF warrants were bought…more
Dec, 08 2009
Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Treasury Department’s bailout program should delay tomorrow’s auction of JPMorgan Chase & Co. warrants because prices at a sale last week were too low,…more
Dec, 07 2009
  FASB Chairman Robert Herz and AICPA Accounting Standards Executive Committee Chairman Jay Hanson separately acknowledged that many assets and financial instruments do not need to be measured at fair…more
Nov, 30 2009
Capital One’s warrants sold at a surprisingly low price last week as the market awaits Treasury Department sales of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and TCF Financial Corp. warrants. If those…more
Nov, 25 2009
  Maybe the Securities and Exchange Commission couldn’t catch Bernard L. Madoff. Maybe there was nothing that can be done when housing prices crater and securities backed by mortgages hit…more
Oct, 26 2009
   Hedge Fund Discounts Quick, think about using deflated interests in hedge funds for tax-efficient transfers of wealth to heirs Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told Congress and the nation on…more
Oct, 26 2009
  With losses mounting at many companies and forecasts offering scant hope for recovery, auditors are starting to ask hard questions about the deferred tax assets companies are reporting. “This…more
Oct, 20 2009
  Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. economy would get a $63.5 billion boost if businesses were able to free up their funds trapped in the auction-rate debt market based…more
Sep, 30 2009
   The fair value guidance in FAS 157 does not represent, as many perceive, a radical departure from previous accounting rules.  FAS 157 is the result of a natural evolution…more
Sep, 22 2009
  Half a year into an unprecedented emergency effort to save the credit markets, would we do it all over again? Markets Media talks to key decision makers and financial…more
Sep, 20 2009
   An asset-backed security is trading at a price of $100. Suddenly, the market freezes and only a handful of transactions take place. The last one is for $20. One…more
Sep, 16 2009
  Interactive Data Corp. and Pluris Valuation Advisors LLC have teamed up to provide what they contend will be first-of-its-kind daily pricing data for illiquid student loan and other municipal…more
Sep, 01 2009
Aug, 30 2009
Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Pinnacle Airlines Corp., which operated the Continental Connection flight that crashed near Buffalo, New York, on Feb. 12, took a loss to sell the auction- rate…more
Aug, 29 2009
Nearly a year after the federal rescue of the nation’s biggest banks, taxpayers have begun seeing profits from the hundreds of billions of dollars in aid that many critics thought…more
Aug, 27 2009
  Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Eighteen months after investment banks quit supporting auction-rate securities that were once marketed as an equivalent to cash, companies from Dallas-based Texas Instruments Inc. to…more
Jul, 31 2009
   Espen Robak couldn't have timed the launch of his valuation firm any better if he'd tried.  In 2006, just weeks after Pluris valuation was founded, the Financial Accounting Standards…more
Jul, 30 2009
  Market players who responded positively to the government's original Troubled Asset Relief Program are much less convinced of the efficacy of their recent Public-Private Investment Plan, which is still…more

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