Their work has proved especially valuable in providing an appropriate level of support for the annual independent audit of the Fund.
George J. McVey, Jr.
Dynamis Advisors, LLC & IMVA, LLC


Nov, 08 2016
“As summarized by Lee Slavutin and Richard Harris in Estate Planning Newsletter #2443, no published case to date has addressed the issue of how to properly value the Intergenerational Split…more
Sep, 03 2015
New 2704(b) Regulations – Return of Family Attribution? In an otherwise slow news season this summer, there’s been one theme that has caused excitement among estate planners: the prospect of…more
Mar, 28 2015
With the stock market trading near all-time highs and the economy chugging along, the credit crisis of 2008 is a fading memory for many investors—but not for those whose money…more
Nov, 03 2014
A new trend in derivatives valuation is starting to pull financial reporting in a more volatile direction, as greater consideration for risk in derivatives is starting to dribble into U.S.…more
Aug, 12 2014
Valuing Fund Carry – Consider the Market Evidence* Pure profits interests like a carried interest of a venture fund or hedge fund – at their inception – have zero intrinsic…more
Jul, 30 2014
If it looks like a duck, but honks like a goose, is it a duck or is it a goose? As far as the US Securities and Exchange Commission is concerned,…more
Mar, 18 2014
Companies may eventually find some relief for the disconnect between valuation and audit that has become a source of tension in the financial reporting supply chain. A fragmented valuation industry…more
May, 09 2013
For a pair of former Citigroup Inc. (C) hedge-fund managers, Napier Park Global Capital may turn into a multimillion-dollar payday thanks to the Volcker rule. Jonathan Dorfman and James O’Brien…more
Oct, 19 2012
The Financial Accounting Standards Board is likely to change how companies can account for the fair value of the debt they hold. At a meeting in June, FASB tentatively decided…more
Sep, 15 2012
The most significant changes to fair value accounting rules since the Financial Accounts Standards Board (FASB) released SFAS No. 157 in 2006 are now fully in effect, with calendar-year companies…more
Aug, 23 2012
       Succession planning can be a touchy subject in the hedge fund space. After the death of well-known hedge fund manager Barton Biggs, his firm, Traxis Partners provided…more
Jun, 01 2012
  Talbot Hall, a New Jersey facility that prepares prison inmates for release, drew an investment from a private-equity fund 16 years ago. Today, the investment sits in a "zombie…more
May, 18 2012
  NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facebook is finally trading. And even though the stock didn't explode out of the gate, the company is still worth more than $100 billion. It…more
Apr, 20 2012
    Facebook is expected to launch its IPO in mid-May, and it's certain to be a very big day on Wall Street. Talk of a $100 billion valuation is…more
Mar, 30 2012
   It was March Madness on the stock market yesterday, with several successful public offerings pointing to an upcoming blockbuster debut by social networking phenom Facebook, which is now pegging…more
Mar, 02 2012
Fair value accounting -- it's a well-known set of rules which send shivers down the spines of valuation experts at financial firms and specialist shops. Those experts have to figure…more
Feb, 23 2012
  Feb. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook Inc. is already trading like a public company as insiders and wealthy investors use private marketplaces to buy and sell stock in the social-…more
Feb, 20 2012
  President Barack Obama's budget proposal to change the tax treatment of carried interest, the latest in a string of alternative investment initiatives in Washington, is bringing predictions of dire…more
Feb, 02 2012
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facebook is a great company. It proved that in its IPO filing. A billion dollar annual profit and $3.9 billion in cash for something that didn't…more
Feb, 01 2012
  What started in a Harvard dorm room eight years ago is on its way to being the biggest tech IPO ever, as Facebook files paperwork to raise $5 billion…more

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