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Sep, 06 2010
   Foreign companies that issue PIPEs could face millions of dollars in costs because of derivatives accounting rules that force them to apply fair value to some of their foreign…more
Aug, 17 2010
   As the degree of challenge that auditors and financial institutions' audit committees are able to bring to in-house valuations of complex securities is being questioned, Green Street Capital believes…more
Aug, 09 2010
   Many accounting and financial reporting executives still wonder how they should report the fair market value of assets that are trapped in frozen or otherwise illiquid markets. Now investment…more
Aug, 08 2010
   Additional requirements proposed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board on what firms must disclose in their financial statements about how they value so called hard-to-price assets could translate into…more
Jun, 02 2010
  An independent analysis of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco's investment portfolio is fueling doubts about the health of the bank, the largest of the 12 institutions…more
May, 31 2010
Courts are requiring appraisers to provide more detailed, entity-specific analysis of the discount for lack of marketability, which calls for an upgrade in the available empirical data. Appraisers, clients, advisors,…more
May, 19 2010
   Treasury said it will hold an auction tomorrow to sell the warrants it got in its October 2008 bailout of Wells Fargo (WFC). The sale could end up being…more
May, 10 2010
    Industry’s Most In-Depth Database Creates More Accurate, Defensible Datafor Determining Discounts for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) Colorado Springs, CO, May 11, 2010 - ValuSource, the leader in business…more
Apr, 28 2010
  A New York financial advisory firm said this week that it’s opening an office in Palo Alto. Pluris Valuation Advisors LLC, which helps investors, hedge funds and others comply…more
Apr, 26 2010
  Although often risky, these securities may be a good bet for investors since they're offered by a motivated seller. When Warren Buffett, the world's most famous investor, plunked money…more
Mar, 31 2010
  April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Auction-rate debt held by companies including Corning Inc. rose about 14 percent in value on average in the final nine months of 2009 as credit…more
Mar, 01 2010
  The U.S. Treasury Department set tomorrow for auctioning warrants tied to the bailout of Bank of America Corp., a sale that may raise more than $1 billion. The auction…more
Feb, 18 2010
  The Treasury Department said Thursday it will auction off warrants it took in four major banking companies as part of the industry bailout. They probably will not be the…more
Feb, 11 2010
   Form 10/12B must be filed whenever public companies register new stock as a result of a spinoff. Think of it as one-stop shopping for everything you need to know…more
Feb, 11 2010
  Would you buy a “XXX” security? Those securities do exist, providing evidence of the perversion of finance during the credit boom that ended so abruptly in 2007 and 2008.…more
Feb, 07 2010
   PNC Financial Services Group Inc. warrants held by the U.S. bailout program may raise $253.3 million for taxpayers if the government auctions the securities, according to Pluris Valuation Advisors…more
Jan, 18 2010
   PIPE funds have been saddling issuers with millions of dollars in derivatives liabilities because of so-called "down round"provisions in structured deals, accountants say. The provisions require an issuer to…more
Jan, 12 2010
  Pluris Valuation Advisors President Espen Robak was quoted in an article in the January 13, 2010 issue of The Hedge Fund Law Report titled “How Can Hedge Fund Managers…more
Dec, 13 2009
  As holiday gift lists are being drawn up, the remaining 16 days of 2009 offer hedge fund investors and managers opportunities to transfer hedge fund shares to family members…more
Dec, 13 2009
A striking holiday bargain emerged last week: government warrants in bailed-out banks. The Treasury Department received a relatively paltry $936 million in an auction for warrants in JPMorgan Chase &…more

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