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Litigation Support

What makes Pluris uniquely qualified to deliver expert testimony and other conflict resolution services for cases involving the valuation of business interests, intangible assets, Auction Rate Securities, restricted securities and other illiquid assets?

  • Our specialized restricted securities valuation experience
  • The capital markets expertise we can draw on from our affiliates
  • Our in-depth knowledge of securities laws and regulations
  • The proprietary data on transactions in illiquid securities in our LiquiStat database

Our experts can deliver objective expert testimony in depositions, in administrative proceedings or in court. Armed with our independent studies and carefully analyzed empirical evidence, we can also provide your client with strategic advice and consulting to assist you in complex negotiations, especially when the goal is to structure a favorable negotiated settlement without incurring the time and expense of a trial.

Auction Rate Securities Litigation

Pluris represents litigants in complex valuation disputes involving all kinds of auction rate securities, including MARS, SLARS, ARPS, and asset-backed ARS.  Pluris clients have had highly successful outcomes in disputes involving the sale of Auction Rate Securities where the damages hinged on the difference between the lower values of the securities and the higher prices paid for them.

Restricted Securities Litigation

Pluris professionals are frequently asked to provide expert reports or testimony in lawsuits involving companies that may (or may not) have breached an obligation to register shares. Shareholders sometimes suffer losses because of the resulting illiquidity. Backed by our LiquiStat data, our experts are in a unique position to analyze comparative information and testify about the proper size of damages in such cases.

Tax Cases

The Tax Court has rejected most of the traditional methods for determining marketability discounts for illiquid securities. The LiquiStat database is the only “pure” measure of restricted stock illiquidity discounts available, so conclusions drawn from the study can be very helpful in cases involving illiquidity discounts.

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