…have always been very responsive to our requests and provided solid supporting data…
Susan M. Stein
Affirmative Insurance Holdings (NDQ: AFFM)

Private Business Valuation

Due to the heightened scrutiny by the IRS, SEC, and other regulatory agencies, the need for an independent, qualified, and experienced valuation advisor is more important than ever. Our robust data and knowledge of closely scrutinized assumptions in the context of regulatory changes within each product group are the foundation of our defensible valuations.

Pluris uses all standard, accepted valuation methods including cost, income and market approaches, to arrive at defensible valuations. Our analyses are supported by proprietary market data from SecondMarket, which is licensed to Pluris on an exclusive basis. SecondMarket has established the largest trading market for illiquid assets, including private company stock, limited partner positions, and restricted securities. Data from Bloomberg, FactSet, and other authoritative sources are also integral inputs. Most importantly, for many business valuations, our data on valuation discounts from LiquiStat and the Pluris DLOM Database is unparalleled in the valuation profession.

Representative Disputed Matters

  • Plaintiff’s Shareholder Corporation v. Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company – Pluris provided valuation analysis, an expert report, and deposition testimony (for a trial), in addition to arbitration testimony in the same matter. Case involved a $36 million damages claim against our client related to the value of an investment in the client. Panel held against the plaintiff and the case settled at a very favorable settlement for our client. 2013
  • [Confidential Settled Matter] – Pluris provided valuation analysis and an expert report for a bankruptcy case involving the issuance of a convertible preferred (new) security as part of a cram-down. Case settled. 2009
  • [Confidential Arbitration] – Pluris provided valuation analysis, a series of expert reports, and testimony at arbitration hearing regarding the valuation of a portfolio of investments in private and public companies. Case involved a damages claim of more than $200 million against our client and the arbitration panel found no damages. 2013

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